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2016 Chinese New Year camera


2016 Chinese New Year of the Monkey is counting down! Your social networks must begin to be filled with all relevant spring, beautiful and funny photos. Have you ever thought to make your pictures more special and different from others? Or are you too busy to change to a new hairstyle or buy new clothes? Do not worry, this freshly designed app specially for the 2016 Chinese New Year of the Monkey can solve everything for you!It doesn’t only contains a variety of traditional, cute, funny decorative stickers and frames (traditional classical ornaments, couplets, background, cute cartoon Monkey King decoration…) but also various hair and clothing ornaments, which can stimulate your creativity, decorate your Spring Festival’s pictures and make your photos look creative, gorgeous, cool, and gives you a wholly new look! Use it to open your new brilliant Monkey year, and be the king of flirting with your friends!
This application includes a variety of effects elements and process functions:1. Monkey Chinese New Year special frames (including floral, couplets, carving, paper cutting, monkeys and other traditional classical elegant cute cartoon creative elements or frame)2. A variety of stickers (traditional decorations such as flowers, firecrackers, Chinese knots, gold, fans, dragons, fish, lions, lanterns, drums, as well as cute stickers of traditional delicious Chinese cuisine and a variety of 2016 featured Monkey King images)3. Variety headdress clothing stickers (traditional classical hairpin, wigs, hats, etc.)4. Various background images (festive red, elegant pink, noble gold… at your choice!)5. Decorate design nice photos and share to your social networks of friends circle or blog. Also can be used as greeting blessing New Year cards to send to relatives, family, friends and colleagues.
Very convenient and simple to use. Just open the app, select your one picture from photo gallery of your mobile devices or take a photo using the app, enter the editing interface, add your favorite frames, stickers and other decorative elements and background. Using your imagination and get the best Chinese Monkey New Year greeting image cards! Then you can save the pic or share with family, friends and colleagues and so on.
Adults and children can use it to decorate photos, make family portraits looks more happy and joyful! You can also use it to edit photos of relatives and friends or colleagues, send it to them and give them a big surprise!
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